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Related article: Date : Wed, February 22, 2006 March 11, 19 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 18 Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 18 : Sean and Shane Things have a way and goes for no good reason. Since this incident between me and Matthew, who had a hair when depending Matt came into the house. Sean and I had talked about leaving the others know that the other had the company, which has been so sense that none of us could not understand why we never thought before, desire, then might have to not going to happen. I thought my Your writing was very easy and natural, but one day I confronted Sean n it. " Do not you know, like Matthew ?" Sean had asked. " Yes.. I mean, he's fine. Why ? " I asked. Sean bit her lower lip, which is a common habit that we had both. When something in our minds and we are anxious or nervous, chew in our lower lip. "It seems every time I come to you l MateoEaves. " " I know that you have to be grateful for privacy. " I said, was not the whole truth, but it was logical. " I am, but it seems that... well, sometimes we just sit and talk, and I and my brother to get the man who falls in love I am white. " That was me. Sean was in love? No way, no way I wanted n to say, Sean, what happened. Yes, it was a mistake, but I did not know would not hurt, and I would never hurt my brother. Sean had been through so much and now he was exploring love again. I hugged him and said, as was happy for him and when I was with the idea of Matthew dine with him and me My thoughts went through all kinds Pthc Lolita Pics of reasons not, but I could not avoid and evade forever and the more I become the more that suspicious. This I agreed. the night of the dinner was the longest of my life. When Matthew came to Sean asked me to the door, the only thing I do not want to answer. When n Matt opened the doorew was there and he looked and smelled good... No large. He grinned. "Sup Shane" he said. Thanks to my new goatee who have not Sean, that can be easy to say that aside. Sean came in and asked where n was. When I told him, he said, still dressed for dinner, Matt something that surprised me : " Well, because we must talk. " " Talk? 'About what? " Matt knew I as deliberately evasive and not play, dass " About what happened between us. " "what is happening," he said, sure could not hear us Sean " was a mistake. they thought I was Sean and I.. I.. I had a dream sexy... n and see the end result is that we never say, Sean, all between n we. " " True but I hate lying to Sean. "said Matt. ". You want to break the heart, for you, if you say" I declared that "he is in love with you. " Matt blinked, "What ?" "He is in love with you and you and I know it's a great thing, , especially after everything that hasby. " " And that's the truth. "Matt said. " Are you mad Matt, who honestly want to say something about Sean s that ? " " I do not want to be here with us. "Matt said. I shook my head. I was able to admire what he said, but my brother through difficult times and it was s sure to be happy and make that was happy. I looked up Matt shook his head. " I guess what I is said, but my position is the same. I do not say, period. " before Matt could protest over Sean appeared smiling and happy. It s is much, I saw the smile or the fortune of my brother and I to protect the approaches, and that he never never, never know. that all talked and drank wine, which was nice and comfortable, but the tension between Matt and I was there. I realized that Sean meant bad, but not admit. be a homemade dinner, chicken, -. ribs, green, cream potatoes, corn bread, which was a great meal, but it s hard for meeat at the table with Matt. Sean seemed very involved in Matt and it was good, had to remember that Sean loved him, and that was all, for that matter. as finished dinner the phone rang, thank God for that. I apologized and I went to my room to talk. I saw Shane leave the room when the phone rang I thought at first n That was weird, but I thought I wanted Matthew and I have some time alone. I always felt that Shane would be anywhere else but here. I realized that I was happy here, and was alone. Victor was dead, and it seemed that no one else in the n of your life. I wish you could be someone who is as big as Matthew found he had no idea of what is being lost. We walked into the living room, where I became a the radio, and we sat together on the couch. Like Alicia Keyes began to singing his latest hit, I was looking at the pretty face and Matthew n it was not long sexy lips kissing him. No long Pthc Lolita Pics and react as he did, I was surrounded and dragged removed. My body was on fire for him, my dick throbbed, my nipples were hard, my mouth was wet, my ass spasms... Did this man whom I had a n in in love I lay on the couch and stood Matthew from me. I took off my shirt and then hers and we kissed as our bare chest plays and turned towards us. Our body heat made ​​me angry, its Cologne, its smell, its essence I was climbing the wall. Someone was on the radio singing about love for someone and I wanted to be me. I s shoes and socks fell and made ​​it his own. My pants and underwear out of his , and he did. We were both dicked hard and ready. I did not care that in the living room, I'm not sure that Shane was able to get us. I mate want to take only me, loves me so. I reached down and felt his tail, wet precum, Matthew was ready to use and so w nipples lickedHen I was doing, he screamed and moaned. that did very good. It sucked and then moved down my body kissing a in my stomach. I gasped as he touched my cock with her lips and Then he took with his strong hands. My legs one hand, and licking and eating ass. Ooooh, that always makes me angry. A Brotha, this really could really lick ass and eat it would n for all, and wish to Matthew always with the tongue and lips o action was and how I tried. He changed his language by his fingers her ass penetrated and launch is n and waving at me. I was drawn to the couch cushions, bow my ​​back, he wanted everything he could, but I wanted to make love n me. I wanted him to put his cock in me and delivered me down. I had to wait ot ask for much more, because I felt his cock slide into me and I wrapped my legs around him as he slid in and out, inside and out. We covered in sweat and I was not even on the radio and not hear our drowned making love out of it. I forgot where we were for me and I was in the right then and there and then Matthew Siad Muhammad, love of country to me. He turned my body so I was in canine position, and slammed his cock inside me while I moaned moaned and roared into the cushions of the couch. It felt so good. Ooooooh SO good! I do not want to stop Mateo. I do not want it to end. I tried him going and going and going like the pink Energizer rabbits. I could not believe it. I could not believe it. in my room, I was on the phone with Vincent. We had not spoken since I left New Orleans, and I must admit I thought about it, because time. I did not feel like leaving things between us and we never had the opportunity to to discuss and do the right thing. " What, me? " Vicente said. " Nothing Vincent. Only at dinner with my brother and his friend. Was" " Oh reasonslly. I let you go? " " No, okay. They are also needed time together. "I replied. " Yeah, aight. "Vincent paused a little, " mom says hi. They say he misses. " I smiled as he spoke these words the voice Momma V could hear me. I missed V Mom, I missed her like crazy. " They tell me to call and miss you too. "There was a pause. Was " I guess you still mad at me when you left. "Vincent said. " How do you know? " ", and not even leave me and never called me. " " Oh no, I was waiting for Vincent. She never returned and I could not wait. I had to go. " " No, he did not. You could have stayed. "Vincent Pthc Lolita Pics said. I could have stayed but would not have been prudent. " Vincent, do not go there. " " Aight, aight. " Vincent was, or so I thought, " I never go to over again. " " Why do you say that ? " ", Pthc Lolita Pics because it's true. I noticed something when you were here. " " What? "I asked curiously. N " She loved my brother, butare afraid that you fall for n me. " I do not know what to say at first. I loved his brother, but the fear of fall in love with Vincent? " What? "N " Okay, I can handle. "Vicente said, magnamously. Oh, it was s not get away with it. " What do you think I have fear of love? " I demanded. I could hear smiled at the phone. " You, and I 'm here. " He answered simply. " And you 're crazy, Vincent. I have no fear of love, nor any other person to the case. But I can be with Vincent. " " Why not ? Because " " with my brother? Exactly, Vicente. No matter how good it... "I've heard, but not before enough. Vincent was on it like a starving man a cracker. " felt good. I told you. " " This does not mean it's right for us, " he said quickly. " Vicente, I loved his brother with all my heart and soul. " " They say you can not feel that " asked Vincent. N " for me ? No, I do not say, dass " " So what are you saying? "Vicente asked. II closed my eyes, just not be feeling right now. is " Vincent, what I'm saying that at this time, every time I look I see a when Victor and I had not forgotten... it hurts, I'm lonely... I \\ \\ s of feelings not for you, but for Victor to be. "It was a long break. A pause, long time, " Vincent? " " I'm here. Well, I think that's all. Holla". And with that you just hang the phone. I lay on Pthc Lolita Pics my bed, shook his head. Why would I? Why would I? There some of Vincent and his brother Victor damn, that made the n irresistible to me. When I put my head in my bed at night thinking about Vincent Pthc Lolita Pics and fateful when we were making love. God! It was hot. When I checked into my mind, I have my cock rock hard and it was not long before I touch. I I stopped. That's what I am now the jam. I needed sex, s, no doubt. I needed sex and I had to stay away from Vincent. I glanced at the photo album V Mom had given me and looked through it s photos of Victor. I could not smile differently when I saw his images. It hurt him to know he was gone, but he was not really it s that was me. When I turned the page, I stopped at an image that had realized. It was a picture with both Victor and Vincent in it. They have been from the beach and they were both shirtless and sexy bore no resemblance. I could not stop , stared at the picture of them. Damn, I was always too hot. I closed the album and beyond. I went to join Matt and Sean, and have a big surprise when I walked into the living room. Sean ass up there and buried his face in the same sofia Matt and I had our random hook right behind him was Matt fucking brains out. He complained groans and looked and sounded so sexy and I was so damn hot. Before I knew I had my cock in hand and jacking it for all n was worth it. Neither Sean nor Matt could see what was good. There something nasty about your cat cock, while his twin brother will be od of his friend. I could not help me as I stared n and caressed me. I just had the breast of a good mother and then I good. As he stroked, I was looking at Matt. He was a handsome brother. Very good, and I remembered how his body felt to me. I remember what his lips feel like me. He was not only impressive, but I jealous as hell. I stroked his cock trying to get faster and faster, of the mother of me, while my brother Matthew and continue on the couch. Matt was so fast, I knew I was on the mother, but I would not. I wanted me to wait. " Ah Ah Ah I 'm running. " Matt said, " Matt Yeah, yeah... " I whispered, feeling like I'm ready to pop. " Oooh... Yes.. Yes Mateo Give it to me," complained Sean, his face n or buried on the couch. " Oh... Oh... Oh... " I whispered as I jacked my dick so hard I was afraid that Matt would listen. " Oh yeah baby, oh yeah baby, oh God, oh God! " Matt grunted erupting as ed in the ass Sean and I went right behind him. I made sure to take my ​​mother in my hand. It would be great if you have found the entire floor. I fell into the bathroom to clean and looked at me as if I in the mirror. It was back and looked at me with a brother who moved needed. It was too much, Vincent, Victor, and now Matt. I horny as hell, and although we only had a mother, did more damage. I out of the house. I opened the bathroom door, like Matt, media naked and even with a hard cock was about to open the door. We , as it seemed a long embarrassing moment. He saw not only sexy, but sensual. The heady aroma of fresh sex and colony was working for me. It s was there with his shirt, her nipples hard, his cock still full of fat, barefoot and sexy. We looked into his eyes and came a little upon us. I stepped back into the bathroom and stepped in I watched as my hand reached out and touched one of theher nipples lightly. that s closed his eyes and sighed. His tail moved. I saw my other hand did the same in the other nipple while my brain screamed, what do you DO ? And what should I do? What have we here ? A few seconds before he was to do in love with my brother and now here we are in the bathroom and I touch him intimately and loved every minute of it. " Matthew, hurry up with the towel. " Sean 's voice broke, no matter what upon us, and we jumped back as if we had beaten a million volts No electricity. Matthew gave me a towel and headed for the living room room, I returned to my room warm feeling, confused and nauseated. [ then ] The author would like to hear your comments. 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